Academic Publications


The Beginning and End of Rape: Confronting Sexual Violence in Native North America (University of Minnesota Press: 2015).

  • Labriola Center American Indian National Book Award (2016).
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, Best First Book in Native American and Indigenous Studies (2016).
  • 2016 Victoria Schuck Book Award from the American Political Science Association (2016).

Selected Academic Articles

The Limits of the State: Feminist Perspectives on Carceral Logic, Restorative Justice, and Sexual Violence, 28 Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy 505 (2019)(with Abigail Barefoot).

(En)gendering Indian Law: Indigenous Feminist Legal Theory in the United States, 31 Yale J.L. & Feminism 1 (2019).

Barriers to Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence in Indian Country, 20 Sex Offender Law Report 1 (2019)(with Jeremy Braithwaite and Heather Valdez Freedman).

Return to Worcester: Dollar General and the Restoration of Tribal Jurisdiction to Protect Native Women and Children, 41 Harvard J. L. & Gender 179 (2018) (with Mary Kathryn Nagle).

Native People and Violent Crime: Gendered Violence and Tribal Jurisdiction, 15 DuBois Rev. 89 (2018).

“Animals May Take Pity on Us”: Using Traditional Tribal Beliefs To Address Animal Abuse and Family Violence Within Tribal Nations, 43 Mitchell Hamline L. Rev. 703 (2017) (with Liz Murphy).

Bystander No More? Improving the Federal Response to Sexual Violence in Indian Country, 2017 Utah L. Rev. 771 (2017).

The Prostitution and Trafficking of American Indian/Alaska Native Women in Minnesota, 23 American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research 65 (2016) (with M. Farley, J. Golding, N. Matthews, G. Lopez and E. Hudon).

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Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies (with Justin B. Richland) (AltaMira Press 2004) (2nd Edition 2010; 3rd Edition, 2016).

Tribal Criminal Law and Procedure (with Carrie E. Garrow) (AltaMira Press: 2004) (2nd Edition 2015).